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Residential Inspection in West Tawakoni, Texas

Residential Inspection in West Tawakoni

Embracing the allure of lakeside living, our clients have made a captivating choice by settling in West Tawakoni. Enthralled by the serene beauty and endless possibilities that come with living by the water, they've embraced a remarkable new chapter in this picturesque locale. The enchanting charm of West Tawakoni, coupled with the tranquil embrace of the lake, sets the stage for a truly wonderful and idyllic home. We congratulate our clients on this exceptional decision and warmly welcome them to their new lakeside haven.

With their sights set on creating lasting memories in their lakeside abode, our clients took a proactive step in ensuring their new home's integrity and safety. Recognizing the importance of a comprehensive assessment, they entrusted Rapid Home Inspections to meticulously inspect every facet of their property.

During the residential inspection, we noted the presence of running splices in the crawlspace. Running splices refer to improper connections made outside of a junction box. To ensure safety and compliance with best practices, we recommend that these connections be properly joined using approved connectors within a junction box. This measure is crucial in preventing accidental contact or mechanical damage, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and promoting the overall integrity of the electrical system within the premises. Attention to addressing this issue will contribute to maintaining a secure and reliable electrical setup in your property.

Inspection included: Residential Inspection and Termite Inspection

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