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Home Inspection in Tyler, Texas

Home Inspection in Tyler, Texas

When buying a home, having a home inspection is a great opportunity to find out information about the systems of the home. Such items include Roof, Foundation, Heating and Air, Plumbing, Electrical and much more. Some residences also have septic systems, wells, pools, sprinkler systems and other items. Don't forget a termite inspection is also optional. This home had an inspection of the Residence, Sprinkler System and Termite Inspection.

Residential Inspection: The foundation was not showing any signs of differential settlement which is always pleasing to the buyer of a home. The roof covering was in very good condition. The HVAC system had been replaced in 2018, making it only five years old. When the electrical system was inspected, along with the electrical distribution panels, we were pleased to note that all the components were in serviceable condition.

The deficiencies noted at this residence were only small items such as leaky faucets, damaged clean-out cover caps and a few other minor items. The brick home had been constructed in 1993 and was well maintained overall by the previous owners.

Location: Tyler, Texas

An inspection was ordered for a beautiful neighborhood in Tyler. Tyler is the Rose Capital of America and the location of the Tyler Rose Garden, the nation's largest municipal rose garden.

Tyler is located in Smith county and is a lovely place to call home.

Congratulations to the buyers of this home.

Location: Tyler, TX

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