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Your Air Conditioner And The “Delta T”

Your Air Conditioner And The “Delta T”

In the context of HVAC (Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning) systems, Delta T typically refers to the temperature difference between the supply air and the return air in a conditioned space. It is an essential parameter used to assess the effectiveness of the HVAC system’s cooling or heating performance.

The Delta T measurement is obtained by subtracting the return air temperature (often measured at the return air grille). The resulting temperature difference, or Delta T, represents the amount of cooling or heating provided by the HVAC system.

A higher Delta T typically indicates more efficient cooling or heating operation. It implies that the HVAC system is effectively removing or adding heat to the space. Conversely, a lower Delta T may indicate potential issues with the system, such as inadequate airflow, improper refrigerant charge, or insufficient heat transfer.

Home inspectors can use the Delta T as a diagnostic tool to evaluate system performance and identify if there is a potential problem. By monitoring and analyzing Delta T values, they can assess if the system is operating within the desired temperature range.

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